What is a board portal?

board meeting

Companies that take a cloud-based approach to digital business transformation will appreciate the increased security, version control, and professional support that a board portal offers.

The necessity of board portals

When board portals first appeared over ten years ago, they were mainly used by large publicly traded companies that wanted to introduce a more practical way of handling corporate management data. Since then, board portals have become much more user-friendly and are now used not only by listed companies but by organizations of all sizes, including private companies, foundations, government agencies, and local governments.

A board portal is a secure workspace for storing data exchange. The providers protect your servers with the most reliable encryption and ensure that you kept the attackers away. Thus, you can safely share sensitive documents and show clients the progress of the project without worrying that someone will be able to obtain this data.

It offers continuous improvement of the work environment and, as a result, the processes that take place there. The board portal helps keep everything in sync and ensures that everyone is extracting maximum benefit from the technology you are using.

Why do we choose a board portal for business communication?

There are some reasons which users consider while choosing board portals:

  • Security

 Unauthorized users have no way of accessing your stored data in your virtual board room, thanks to the two-factor authentication. This means that in order to log into the workspace, the user must use his identity. And it won’t be enough to just simply put a username and password in the correct fields. You have to prove your identity, usually insert a randomly generated code that goes into your phone when you log in. Or, if the user has access to the virtual hall for meetings with your smartphone, you can use fingerprint authentication.

  • Full control of all user information and access

 The administrator of the virtual board meeting software precisely controls who has access to the documents. The owner of the forum portal also controls the access rights, which are given to others – who can only view files that you edit, who can enter comments. It helps provide another level of security for sensitive data in electronic storage.

  • Voting tool

 Directors can use the voting tool to select an appropriate meeting time for everyone. This is a great way to create a vote and see everyone’s opinion. Managers can also use this tool to make decisions on secondary issues.

  • Real digital record

 Each meeting can be recorded and made available later. This is very useful when someone wants to refresh their memory or prepare for the next event. In addition, these notes will help new or seasonal board members better understand what is going on in the organization. Also, with the detailed reports during the session, you can make more informed decisions based on the data that will improve future results.

  • Collaborative workspace

Directors can create tasks during or immediately after meetings and assign these to the managers via the virtual boardroom. This feature allows you to keep track of everything and make sure everything is done correctly.

So, virtual board portal providers invest great efforts in protecting their services and data transfer capabilities. They used strong encryption so that hackers couldn’t get into the storage room. To make sure you’ve done everything right, suppliers usually review questions from outside experts, the reliability of the protection, and give your honest, unbiased opinion. Thus, the provider can guarantee your customers perfect protection of your confidential information.